Care Home Entertainment


Service 1: The Ukulele Lady sing-along

The Ukulele Lady's songs for Care Home entertainment range from the 1920s to the 1950s and as such are classed as 'vintage' songs.  These ditties are very familiar to the residents which means that they can all sing along.

Sara also encourages the audience to join in with playing percussion instruments.  She is so vibrant and engaged that everyone will leave feeling lighter and happier.    If anyone has the charming and mischievous style to get everyone in the room singing, it's The Ukulele Lady. 


Service 2: Therapeutic Music Sessions

These sessions include warm up singing and movement exercises.   Percussion instruments are also provided. Every effort is made to provide an easy going environment where the participants can express themselves through singing and movement.  

This has enormously positive effects on the brain, on the emotions and on all areas of health and wellbeing.  Singing is also very beneficial for people suffering with COPD as you can read here.


Brain Music for Dementia

Music has an exceptionally healing effect on people suffering with dementia and Alzheimer's.  It is thought that some of this is to do with the fact that the auditory and musical centre of the brain is the first to kick in after birth and the last to go at the end of life.

Read more about the proven psychological effects of music on people with dementia by clicking here.

Service 3: Uke N Learn Orchestra Concert



Every term Sara's Uke N Learn Ukulele Group performs free of charge in care homes.  This is so that the learners get to practise performing but also benefits the local care home community by providing an uplifting concert.   If you'd like to host one of these or even on a regular basis just contact Sara now.

Why we need 'Brain Music' in Care Homes

The Ukulele Lady says

'There is no activity other than music that lights up every single area of the brain.  I believe this is why it is so powerful, why it brings so many people to life, including those with dementia and Alzheimer's.   Once I saw a 99 year old ex fighter pilot get up from his seat and do the Charleston at one of my sing-alongs.   From then on I decided I would always do this work for as long as I can.'

Read this related article if you'd like to learn more about Music and Dementia


Happy clients

Extracare Charitable Trust

The Lakes Care Home, Duncote

Extracare Charitable Trust

‘The residents just LOVE Sara and the music she brings into our 30 UK retirement villages. They are always asking to know when The Ukulele Lady is coming again!’ 

Donna Ball (Events Manager)

Sharnbrook House Care Home

The Lakes Care Home, Duncote

Extracare Charitable Trust

‘It was a lovely afternoon, we all enjoyed it very much. I have had some great feedback from the residents. I think they would like you to come every week!’ 

Maggie Dilks, Activities Co-ordinator 

The Lakes Care Home, Duncote

The Lakes Care Home, Duncote

The Lakes Care Home, Duncote

'We've had an absolutely lovely time.  All our residents have absolutely  loved it.  The percussion instruments went down really well and you're so vibrant and really interact well.  We can't thank you enough.' 

- Tracey Brown  - The Lakes Care Home Events Co-ordinator

Further information . . .

Additional Information

Ever found yourself googling 'what is brain music therapy?' or 'What is community singing'?  Maybe you were just looking for 'Care Home Entertainers near me' or 'Care Home Entertainers in Northamptonshire or Northampton'?  

Either way The Ukulele Lady is the answer.  Watch the video at the top of this page to see how a typical Ukulele Lady Sing Along works in one of Sara's local care homes.

The Ukulele Lady changes lives through music.  

She connects with Care Home and Retirement Home residents on an emotional level through the musical entertainment that is already there in their hearts from times gone by.  Her engaging, honest and fun disposition mean that her concerts are always full of smiles and laughter and she never, ever just goes through the motions.  

Sara Spade (AKA The Ukulele Lady) has played her original songs to thousands UK wide and her albums have been aired on BBC Radio 2 by Jools Holland.   Amongst others her fans include Paul Heaton, Earl Charles Spencer, Rob Da Bank Jamie Cullum and Hank Marvin, but this has never stopped her from doing the community music work she loves the most.   

She never underestimates the power of song, the power of singing together and the power of stories.  She sees music and singing as a human right and an activity that has primeval bonding power.  

This all sounds a bit serious though doesn't it?   The Ukulele Lady however is fun fun fun.   If anyone has the charming and mischievous style to get everyone in the room singing, it's The Ukulele Lady. 


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